Main benefits of taking vitamin B12 sublingual

In the case of cobalamin deficiency, people suffering from it should ingest it, either by incorporating it into their diet or by including supplements. These nutritional supplements come in several formats:

  • B12 in injection
  • Tablets
  • Pills
  • In swallowing pills or capsules
  • Nasal gels 
  • In drops
  • Sublingual format

And of the latter we are going to talk today about the main benefits of taking sublingual vitamin B12. Cobalamin is one of the B complex vitamins. It is an important vitamin for our body and a low level can lead to serious health problems, and because of medical advances, people who have trouble absorbing this micronutrient in their body or do not receive it naturally can turn to artificial vitamins to compensate for vitamin B12 deficiency.

Role of cobalamin in our organism – What is it used for?

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Cobalamin is an important vitamin in our body, really important, in fact. This is responsible for the formation of red blood cells in the blood and the proper functioning of the central nervous system, that is, the center where all body functions are controlled, as well as the conversion of other nutrients into energy. In addition, it has countless more features that you can discover in this blog.

When to take sublingual vitamin B12 supplements?

When to take sublingual vitamin B12 supplements?

Vitamins in general, are important for our body, each of them has several functions and the lack of some of them develops more or less serious problems in health.

The lack of cyanocobalamin in particular leads to anaemia mainly, but it is also the reason why we can suffer the following symptoms:

  • Acne and redness on the face
  • Dizziness
  • Lack of balance
  • Tremors
  • Difficulty taking objects and walking
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches, headaches
  • Cardiovascular and brain problems
  • Dementia
  • Lack of memory
  • Constant fatigue and tiredness
  • Mood swings

That said, it is clear that we need to maintain the right levels of micronutrient in order for our body to function properly and we can avoid long-term health problems.

Given that vitamin B12 is present mostly in products of animal origin, in meat and fish as well as in eggs, milk and dairy products, the first of the risks appears to be due to the fact that they are not adequately included in our diet. Thus, those who practice veganism or vegetarianism or who have imposed very strict diets are the first to suffer from this problem. Needless to say, people affected by malnutrition, typical of second- and third-world countries, suffer from a virtually total lack of B12.

Sublingual supplements are recommended to be taken, especially in cases where the person suffers from anaemia, of course, but they are also necessary for those who have difficulty absorbing or processing it and for those who decide not to take it, either consciously or unconsciously.

I do not want to forget the people who maintain a low or non-existent diet as a natural source of this vitamin, i. e. vegan and vegetarian diets, which do not eat any or no food from animals. In the case of vegetarians and vegans, taking sublingual B12 supplements is practically obligatory and a lifelong action, because maintaining the same diet will never have the necessary contribution of this micronutrient, nor many others, even if taken as a supplement.

Today society lives with a stressful life rhythm; this does not benefit our body. The lack of hours of sleep, the accumulation of things to do, going from one side to the other in haste and working many hours affect our body and when we are young the body can endure, but as one grows older and the body becomes vicious, this rhythm of life can and will take its toll.

In the case of vegetarians and vegans, taking sublingual vitamin B12 supplements is almost obligatory

Stress as such is “eat” the vitamins of our body and if this is coupled with poor nutrition, it is almost certain that health problems will appear in the future. Vitamin B12 in sublingual form can help to combat the lack of energy spent during the day and especially in busy times. In other words, the sublingual format for this case provides us with energy, clarity of thought and concentration. Last but not least, there are many more cases that, for medical or circumstantial reasons, may result in the need to take such a supplement.

In all the cases mentioned above, it is necessary to consult a doctor before deciding to take B12 sublingual, since he or she will be able to advise the most appropriate format in each case, in addition to giving the corresponding indications after carrying out the necessary medical tests and tests.

Types of vitamin B12 supplements

If you have already decided that you are going to take B12 as a supplement in your diet, it is interesting to know what types exist as well as its pros and cons.

In the market we can find the following formats:

  • Injections: Vitamins to be given by injection are only on prescription. This format is very expensive and time consuming. In this case, B12 is injected into the muscle, so we skip the entire digestive process and possible associated problems.
  • Chewable pills: They are tablets to swallow directly, it is convenient to take and to acquire; you find them in any pharmacy and they can with other micronutrients.
  • Nasal gels: They are used in cases where there are problems related to the digestive system and that cause that, although we take cyanocobalamin, it does not become transformed to be used by our body.
  • Droplets: The droplet format is a little difficult to count but it’s the perfect way to give children the dose they need by mixing it with drinks or juices.
  • Sublingual Format: It is the most common, it comes in liquid form to be dissolved with water, in spray or tablets, which are placed under the tongue to dissolve.
  • Others such as capsules, tablets or pills.

The advantages of taking B12 in sublingual form is that it is easier to find, more comfortable to ingest and much more affordable than injections.

What are sublingual supplements made of?

These supplements, and the rest, are made from bacterial fermentations, which means that they do not come from any living being. It is therefore a supplement suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

With the different formats of supplements available on the market to take cobalamin, it is logical to doubt which one to choose, wondering which one is better.

In the case of B12 injections, they can only be purchased on prescription, so getting them is not easy and expensive. However, they are the best option in cases where we don’t have enough cobalamin simply because the body has problems working with it, although we do take it.

Nasal gels also require a prescription for the same reason, so if you want to take B12 on your own, the chances are reduced.

As far as the pills are concerned, it is understood that by swallowing them directly, we can intuit that the absorption process of vitamin B12 that it may contain is slow, since the route it takes from ingesting it until it is absorbed in the intestines and stomach, is long.

Benefits of the sublingual B12 format

Nutrition label vitamin B12 sublingual

The sublingual format is the most popular not only because of its cost and easy acquisition but also because of its benefits:

Fast absorption

Unlike tablets that are taken directly, in sublingual form, the vitamin dissolves under the tongue. The blood vessels that produce saliva help this process thanks to the bloodstream.

According to Dr. Alfred Libby, the absorption of this micronutrient in the form we are discussing is 100% absorption while ingesting it directly low percentage. However, this has not yet been proven as the composition of the tablets is fully exploited.

More immediate effect

The rapid absorption of B12 helps to make its effects more effective. Obviously, taking a dose will not immediately eliminate symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency, but with regular intake you will notice an improvement in energy and mood. Even if, for example, you have a wound, it will heal more quickly.

Nutrient retention

Ingesting sublingual vitamin B12 makes the nutrient density have greater retention, so our body will have a greater disposition of them.

When taken, as previously mentioned, it dissolves directly under the tongue. This fact allows the nutrients contained in this vitamin to remain unaffected. On the other hand, by ingesting it in a traditional way, it must go through the entire digestive process, along the way, it alters and causes its effectiveness to be affected.

Benefits for the brain

Cobalamin in sublingual format, in addition to covering the need for it in the body, stimulates memory and the brain. Cyanocobalamin deficiency affects brain activity, in fact clinical studies have shown that this fact increases the chances of suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia. By taking a sublingual dose, we are providing an immediate solution to raise the levels that our body needs on a daily basis.

Another curious case is that, during exams, this, no matter in what format it is taken, plays an important role. Many students use it as a supplement for the more busy periods of study; this is because salivary tablets, apart from acting quickly and effectively, help to concentrate and retain contents more easily. This is because B12 provides more energy and clarity of thought.

Benefits in the organism

We know how important vitamin B12 is in our body, it takes care of the proper functioning of the brain, the creation of red blood cells and brain activity. The lack of this means the appearance of cardiovascular diseases, anemia, weakness in the arms and legs, dementia, and a long list of other health problems that we have already mentioned.

There is an amino acid in our body called homocysteine. This vitamin is involved along with folic acid and B6 to work to regulate this amino acid. When a person has an increase in homocestein, it damages the arteries, increases cholesterol in the body, and is a major cause of brain and cardiovascular disease.

Studies show that patients with these diseases have lower concentrations of cobalamin and B6 in the body than healthy patients. Vitamin sublingual, on the other hand, helps to reduce the risk of suffering this pathology. However, it has to be said that the other formats are also effective.

B12 sublingual and sleep

Cobalamine is related to the circadian rhythm, that is, the chronobiological regulation of the sleep-wake cycle, which is synchronized with the 24-hour geophysical cycle, i. e. sleeping at night and being active during sunny hours.

There are many reasons why sleep cycle disturbances can occur. However, taking this supplement will help you to reconcile it, this will give us a better and more restful night and we will be more energetic during the day and will avoid fatigue and mood swings linked to lack of sleep.

Vitamin B12 sublingual or chewable tablets?

We have seen all the benefits of B12 that this micronutrient provides in sublingual form. However, it should be mentioned that everyone is free to consume the type of supplement that best suits them.

In reference to injectable cobalamin and nasal gels, remember that only a doctor can prescribe it. But, as for the other formats, despite the benefits or advantages that it can provide by sublingual route, we should mention, that the tablets or pills to swallow are not worse, they only act in another way in our organism; that is, they do not dissolve as quickly and with as much precision as the format to take it dissolving it under the tongue.

The drops, on the other hand, are very inaccurate in terms of quantity, so it is difficult to end up taking the specific quantity we need. Chewable pills will be more comfortable for some people as sublingual pills may be more comfortable for others.

The reality is that a study was done to find out the effect of each type (sublingual and swallowing tablets) and it was found that in terms of cobalamin levels in patients who took one and the other form of the same drug, there was no difference.

With this experiment we could see that although salivary plaque B12 dissolves faster than the pill and acts more immediately, in the end, the purpose of both drugs is the same, so, despite the advantages that one or the other can provide, the end result is that the levels of this micronutrient in the body of the person taking them improve and, ultimately, this is the objective of take vitamin b12 supplements.

Thus, swallowing supplements are no better or worse than sublingual B12; they are different, but their function is the same.

The correct daily dose of cobalamin depending on the age of the person is as follows:

Doses may vary depending on whether it is taken daily or weekly. They can be taken with food (morning or evening) or separately.

Recommended daily doses of Vitamin B12 according to EFSA


Quantity (mcg*)

Up to 6 months

0.4 mcg

From 7 to 12 months

0.5 mcg

From 1 to 3 years

0.9 mcg

From 4 to 8 years old

1.2 mcg

From 9 to 13 years old

1.8 mcg

14 to 18 years old

2.4 mcg


2.4 mcg

Pregnant women

2.6 mcg

Breastfeeding women

2.8 mcg

Cobalamin supplements come in various formats and quantities; it is advisable to find out the amounts to be taken before starting and, more than that, what we recommend is to go to an expert doctor who, depending on medical tests, tells you how much B12 to take depending on your diet and the functioning of your body.

Depending on the case, the amounts may vary; they will not be the same for a healthy person as for a vegan, nor will they be the same for a pregnant woman or an older person.

Precautions and adverse effects of sublingual B12

Natural supplements vitamin B12 sublingual

As with any medication, before starting cobalamin sublingual it is advisable to consult a specialist.

Taking B12 supplements in no way replaces a meal or a balanced diet; it is only an aid which, together with a varied and complete diet of essential nutrients, will promote metabolism and the proper functioning of the body, except in the case of vegetarians or vegans, that taking vitamin B12 is absolutely mandatory for a good state of health.

It is important to take the right dosage to avoid excess micronutrient, which also has its harms. Side effects are rare with cobalamin sublingual supplements. It can be counterproductive if taken with other medicines. If so, the first step is to consult a doctor.

It is also not advisable to take this supplement and consume alcohol. In the event that any anomaly occurs and it persists, you should stop taking the supplements until you find out what the reason is and get proper treatment.

In short

We have seen the different types of cyanocobalamin supplements we can find on the market, including sublingual. There are countless companies that distribute it in different formats and flavors, although the most recommendable ones will be those that are recommended by a doctor or specialized person.

It has not been shown that sublingual supplementation is better than chewable tablets in terms of its function, i. e. to enrich the cobalamin organism and compensate for its lack.

As for the advantages of this format, we have the fact that it is economical, convenient to take, fast and efficient. Its dissolution under the tongue promotes nutrient retention of supplements by melting thanks to the bloodstreams of the tongue that create saliva, also helps to combat insomnia and prevent brain and cardiovascular problems.

In conclusion, maintaining an optimal level of cobalamin is important for our central system to function properly and now, thanks to science, we can use supplements to obtain this vitamin both in cases where the diet requires it and in which it is not processed properly.

Keep in mind that like any supplement, as its name suggests, it is only a dietary supplement and does not replace any food or, of course, any nutrients.

Always seek the advice of a doctor or specialist before starting to take sublingual vitamin B12 is the best idea and the one that will give the best results, even if it is not necessary.

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Did you know the benefits and contributions of B12 supplements in sublingual format? Do you drink or have you ever taken? Tell us about your experiences, doubts and advice!

If you found it helpful or have any questions, please comment and share, thank you! 😉

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