Does vitamin B12 cause acne? Knows the causes

There are many functions that cobalamin has in our organism; however, there are many people who wonder if vitamin B12 produces acne. Ideally, vitamin B12 levels should be maintained in the blood. Its deficiency can turn into a relatively serious pathology. In the same way, high levels are also dangerous as they can cause different illnesses and even produce acne. It is precisely this issue that we are going to address in the article.

There are several characteristics that differentiate B12 from the other nutrients in vitamin B complex. First of all, this is the most difficult for the body to absorb. This is why people with digestive diseases that do not allow a good absorption or synthesis of nutrients should be supplemented. Secondly, the daily dose required for the body is the lowest of all B complex nutrients. And thirdly and lastly, it contains cobalt; that is why it is also known as cobalamin, but unfortunately it suffers from imbalances and allergies in some cases.

Acne, a consequence of high levels of cobalamin

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If you suffer from acne, one of the causes that can lead to this outbreak is indeed an excess of vitamin B12. Studies show that high blood levels can significantly alter the bacteria that live in the skin, leading to an outbreak of acne.

A few years ago, a very interesting study was carried out on this subject, with conclusive results. A team of experts obtained bacterial samples from people with acne and others without acne. After that, they performed a series of genetic tests in relation to a certain type of bacteria that activates acne to find out how it is related to the vitamin. Well, they found significant differences between the two groups.

To continue the study, both groups of subjects took supplements in pill form. The researchers allowed a few days to pass by and researched his skin. Over time, they found that people without acne at that time looked quite similar to those who do; several of them even caused an outbreak of the disease on their skin.

A 2001 study published in the journal of the ”European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology” points out that the process by which cobalamin causes acne is as follows:

High levels of this nutrient can lead to irritation of the follicular epithelium, which generates an inflammatory skin reaction.

However, it points out that taking or giving supplements has hardly any adverse effects. The University of Maryland is confident that this nutrient’s supplements are 100% safe and non-toxic, as long as they are taken in adequate amounts.

Therefore, it is demonstrated that when taken in excess, the levels of this nutrient are altered in blood and, thus, the activity of bacteria that lead to this dermal disease is modified.

These bacteria begin to produce an inflammatory compound complex that results in the outbreak, effectively making the claim true: vitamin B12 produces acne.

How to avoid acne from having high levels of vitamin B12?

Excess vitamin B12 acne problems

Of course, this pathology is not the only cause of acne. This type of skin disease can be caused by many other causes such as hormonal changes, taking certain drugs or simply heavy sweating.

To avoid having high levels of vitamin B12 as a cause, it is important to keep the levels of this nutrient in your blood at their right point. Of course, knowing exactly what the right balance point is is by no means an easy task. It is 100% advisable to have continuous medical tests, once or twice a year.

The ideal thing is to opt for a healthy and balanced diet, which includes all types of foods, avoiding to a certain extent the hypercaloric and excessively fatty foods. Cobalamin is found in food of animal origin, so it is important to take them in order not to suffer lack.

On the other hand, it has to be ruled out that these high levels are not due to any other pathology or imbalance, since in most cases, having more cobalamin than normal is a symptom of a disease or, at the very least, a disorder. The situations in which you suffer from this pathology are very small because you take too much vitamin because, as usual, when you take too much, it is easily excreted in the urine.

Thus, supplementation is not recommended any more, but quite the opposite. We must make sure that we have enough B12 in the body, but in a healthy way, not because of other diseases; this point must be looked at and corrected as soon as possible.

Important benefits of cobalamin in our body

Benefits of taking vitamin b12 and exercise

It is important to know what benefits vitamin B12 has in order to encourage those who are concerned about their appearance to continue taking it. Although it is true that vitamin B12 produces acne, we have already mentioned that it is only given in cases of suffering from excess. Although, this is not common that it is given; what is more common is that we have this vitamin down, suffering the negative consequences of it. The benefits are many and varied. Let’s explain the most important ones.

  • On the one hand, this nutrient is essential for the nervous system because it improves electrical impulses and creates neurotransmitters, playing a leading role in the performance of a large selection of processes in the body.
  • On the other hand, it participates in the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose, which significantly helps the production of energy, decreasing the sensation of fatigue and fatigue.
  • It also plays a very important role in improving symptoms linked to mental illnesses such as depression.
  • This nutrient of the vitamin B complex is a great help to avoid cardiovascular diseases since it helps greatly to improve cholesterol levels and keeps homocysteine, an amino acid associated with various cardiovascular type problems, stable.
  • And finally, B12 is also extremely beneficial in terms of aesthetics because it improves the appearance and quality of nails and hair.

Recommended daily doses of Vitamin B12 according to EFSA

The daily dose required to avoid deficiency and excess depends fundamentally on age.

  • Babies under 6 months old need 0.4 micrograms per day.
  • From 6 months to 14 years of age, the daily dose is 1.8 micrograms, increasing according to age, obviously.
  • Adults (aged 14 and older) need 2.4 micrograms per day.
  • The highest dose is for pregnant and nursing women; they need 2.6 and 2.8 micrograms daily.


By way of conclusion, it is demonstrated that there is a direct relationship between high vitamin B12 and acne. Like everything in this life, perfection is at the right point. Cobalamin deficiency is a relatively serious pathology that can lead to serious health problems in both the medium and long term; in the case of older people, it can even lead to dementia because vitamin B12 deficiency leads to loss of brain mass. And, the excess of this nutrient, as we have explained, can lead to different illnesses, such as acne.

We therefore call for caution. If you follow a rich and varied diet, with the consumption of foods of animal origin, which are very rich in the nutrient that we are concerned, you do physical exercise frequently and take supplements of this nutrient should not have any problem.

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Have you ever had oily skin or acne from a high blood B12 level? Did you see your doctor for treatment? Tell your experiences to help more people in need

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